Filled with fun activities, interactive group processes, and live music, Gabriel’s Live Seminars will support you in creating the life and relationships you want to experience. You’ll stop looking for happiness outside of yourself and re-connect with your inner source of joy, freedom, and peace, and walk away feeling inspired, excited, and optimistic about your life.

The Path of the Heart

This three-day seminar is an invitation to open yourself to a new set of possibilities for your life. During our time together, you’ll reconnect with your inner joy, learn how to access your heart’s wisdom, and begin to take steps in the direction of your highest potential.

The Sacred Journey

Picking up where The Path of the Heart left off, this five-day seminar will give you an opportunity to heal your heart and release and let go of those emotional patterns, wounds, and energetic blocks that keep you from experiencing greater joy and love.

Partners on the Path

This third seminar is an invitation to take all the tools, practices, and experiences of the previous two seminars and fully apply them in your life in partnership with others so that you can accelerate your success along your Path of Heart Leadership and Mastery.

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